June 11, 2012

around and around

the grey and calm athmosphere of helsinki is familiar but it doesnt make me feel one way or the other... sunday afternoon for a while it was nice and sunny though. arttu, eufemia and me went to arttu's parents for dinner. i have some of my old stuff stored in their attic so i asked if i could peek in there and possibly pick up some items. i crawled in the attic and voilá - found a BOX full of just stockings and tights. seriously. i know i was a hoarder but wow. many unopened packages, i remember buying Calzedonia tights from Barcelona years ago... so much stuff went unused. i picked up about 2,5-3kg of clothes to take with me. including my winter jacket which i recall I took off after the move (it was winter) and put it in the last box and left to Istanbul in my spring jacket. i never found a proper winter jacket there, and a few times in the winter it does get pretty cold occasionally, with the humid wind. so this old jacket of mine is a must have item.

on sunday evening i went to see K and ulkokalliolainen, and i stayed overnight at K's flat, giving Arttu a night off. coming to finland and the small flats i always feel a little uncomfortable pushing myself into my friends homes.

yesterday i cancelled my passport renewal plans as i readso much about the long queues they have at the moment. i did some shopping and met VV & spouse in the evening. today im starting off by meeting my cousin over coffee.

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