June 30, 2012


around my trip to finland i noticed i got my first wrinkle. it's between my brows, left side...not surprisingl considering how much and often i disapprove :) well, anyway, interesting stuff! my freckles are really nice looking too this year.

on thursday we ordered a new washing machine. it arrived yesterday and we called for the (free) installation right away, and those guys arrived today. the separate installation is the only negative part about buying white goods online from HepsiBurada, otherwise i am just consistently happy, fast deliveries, good prices...  sometimes some things work in turkey! i wanted a basic machine that just does the ...basic things, well. no more. now im thinking this is a bit fancy & complicated, with the electronic display and beep sounds as i press buttons. the things is, the more modern parts, the sooner one of those breaks. anyway, i chose this one, i hope it will serve us well... at least its pretty and oh so quiet! we had some second hand dealer pick up the old machine yesterday, getting 25tl for it.

Samsung WF 0600NCE  577tl/250e

today is Senni's summer/birthday party, looking forward to that :)


Çavlan said...

wow, that looks like a spaceship, compared to my old washing machine :) i live in turkey too and i order from hepsiburada often, one time i bought a tablet and it arrived the same day!

jenni said...

wow, same day is impressive :)