July 02, 2012


semi-nice weekend. not crazy hot, which was nice. Senni's party was nice. today i didnt really do anything...  a few cycles of laundry with the new machine...  turned on dishwasher too...  thats about it. CSI miami. and i met Serkan in the evening. he left the company about a week ago, so i i just met him to catch up. maybe not a good idea in that we discussed work/office stuff of course, not something i need in the weekend...

i looked at my browser history from the past 2 days.
wikipedia - airbus 380
wikpedia - everglades
wikipedia - the firm (tv series)
currency converter
some yellow press gossip
Kadiköy Rexx movie theater program
eBay (shoes)
article on turkish inflation
IKEA pillow cleaning instructions
Samsung washing machine user manual in English
lots of HS.fi
lots of Facebook
apple.com trailers

i think that's not much, not a very active online these days?

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