June 24, 2012

sunday june 24th

red bull sugar free
quarter pounder from McDonalds (home delivery)
morning shower
shopping spree: dry shampoo, heel pads for shoes, bracelet
cleaning shower cabin
2 cycles of laundry
bleaching bath robe
polishing and organizing shoes
some website testing for Arttu's company
emptying my luggage
ironing a skirt
CSI Miami episodes
painting toe nails
self cooked pasta & veggies + mushroom for dinner
evening shower

a pink dress i bough from eBay. silk seems to be the trend this summer but in this humidity and heat cotton is the only sensible option.

a shirt from finland. doesnt look very nice in the photo...the odd boatneck and wrinkles.   its kind of a lavender color with flower print. really nice soft material. 7e from H&M i think. 

black sturdy heels from eBay. i am wondering if they should be decorated one way or another.

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