June 20, 2012

went with 12kg returned with 24,6kg

back home...

i cannot say that my 'vacation' was fully relaxing. i did enjoy and have nice times but the schedule on these finland-visits...:( and all the responsibilities, meet this and that and do some paperwork and this time i  had to move my stuff from one storage to another also...  a lot of hassle although in the end everything worked out fine with the help of miss R.

what did i buy
-lemon pepper
-hair powder
-underwear and bras from H&M, Lindex and KappAhl
-2 shirts, turquoise and lilac with flower pattern
-black beach sandals
-lonkero for doctor
-cider for me
-sparkling wine for both of us
-underwear and deodorant for doctor
-more underwear for me
-Lumene shower gel and skin toner
-MAC studio fix NC15 foundation
-Wella shampoo

i also picked up a few items from the storage boxes when i had the chance.

finnish food. fried potatoes, sausage and egg. i will officially start cooking this in istanbul once doctor has more time at home. this meal was served to me by Sebastian.

picnic with miss R & Ella on Friday. the sun was warm and cider cold. 

some shopping. cider, pork, lemon pepper etc.

sandals from Seppälä. 10e. 

old shoes from storage. 

a night at Vantaa. combined guest room and dungeon. but the pink bed was comfy.

something beautiful from eBay. 0,99 pounds plus 6,90 pounds for postage. i guess that makes around 10 euros.

new earrings. 4,95e.  

so anyway im back to work and doing laundry and the usual stuff. trying on my new shoes. i do like being back. i feel safe and comfy.

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