June 23, 2012


its that time of the year when it gets uncomfortably hot. sweat running down the back, legs... doesn't beat knocking over an energy drink can on your lap (crotch) in a car though. the feeling of a cooling bubbly liquid slowly 'filtering' through the dress, panties... all the way to the seat underneath. yup...:(

it's been a tough week. or perhaps just the past 2-3 days, but they felt like a week. all for my residence permit.

the rule is -and the residence permit application says so- that u need to prove you have funds to support yourself, 300 usd for each month you apply for. and to prove it, provide either a bank statement from a turkish bank account on your name, or a receipt from am exchange office. i opted for the latter this time.

upon my application the policemen said the receipt cannot be accepted after all, nothing wrong with it, just cant. i hear 2 months ago someone was told the same thing, but 2 weeks ago the police practically explained someone how to get a fake receipt from a nearby place. so the application is in, they just want me to drop by at the bank to get a statement that i have 18k usd/32k tl on my account (5 yr permit). ASAP. oh, ok then! jumping through hoops is my fav pastime. 

somehow i did get the required funds there, by pure chance... i didnt think my calling rounds would prove fruitful "hey it's jenni, wassap, yea, by the way do you have 32k to borrow...like right now?". someone said: "yea sure i have it here in cash, i can come over in an hour." err, what?? ok...

we took the money to the bank, got all kinds of account statements and signatures and stamps and i returned to the police station on friday morning. just to hear they want yet another paper, of course. well i love running around back and forth for more stamps and papers, so why not. reminds me how i really want this for 5 years now...  

also this is the day to turn on the air con in our living room. heaven. 

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