June 24, 2012

midsummer could be the start of a new year

i decided to watch the documentary Into Eternity. interesting. a cave, that we slowly fill with nuclear waste, and will seal completely in about 100 years. then it should hold 100 000 years. grow forest on top, tundra, come ice age or anything. finnish bedrock can be considered fairly reliable, it was formed some...1500 and 3000 million years ago, no reason to think it would change much. however humans cannot be trusted. they call it 'human intrusion', the risk of someone opening the seal and letting out the nuclear waste that we tried so hard to keep away. the documentary is very visual and slow in pace. enjoyable actually. 

i want a new washing machine. soon. and a new oven. consumers consume. 

yayyy - awesome cross species video!

2+ yrs in turkey, has been interesting. learning experience just thought of it. 


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