July 14, 2012

selfish Saturday in a long line of selfish Saturdays

the dermatologist injecting my botox was chatty. she said 2 of the other morning appointments overslept, which is very common especially in the summer. ?? she didnt seem to mind. she studied in the same medicine faculty as my doctor now.

so i got my botulinum toxin and now i will be waiting for the days to pass and the effect to take place. I'm a little concerned as she chose to inject different spots than I got last year elsewhere, but I have to wait to see. as always, afterwards I browse Internet reading all the droopy eye horror stories and worry.

doctor sold his old HTC Desire online and someone came pick it up today for 400tl/170e. we had forgotten to empty the phone so the task was left to me, and bloody hell... I couldn't figure out where to find anything and the phone kept freezing on me... after several reboots and struggling I *think* I got it set to factory settings, or something else, I have no idea. but the phone somewhat functioned when the new owner tested it, thank allah ;)

I took an afternoon nap and watched telly, ordered sushi and picked up my clothes from the dry cleaner who was supposed to dye some items for me. they did, incl. the one white shirt that I only wanted washed. awesome.

after walking round last night and today my feet were in a lot of pain. I've found that stretching calves actually helps though, much more than stretching the achilles tendon. so I did my stretch maneuvers (only right leg - scientific comparison!) and took a painkiller. then put on a pair of comfy heels and headed for the 23:25 bus to Pendik. I am planning to spend the night at the ER, assisting doctor and getting some fun tests done for myself too.

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