July 16, 2012

seaside picnic - i want

my night at the ER was interesting. doctor was assigned to red room for the shift so we spent most of the time there. when i arrived after midnight it was still really busy, i dont think i want to see the place in 'daylight' or evening... uh. around 3-4 am it finally calmed down.

i think i recognized typical turkish hassling in the overall processes but its so ingrained in the culture, people talking over each other, interrupting, not following rules...  *shrugs*. it was a fairly easy night though, no CPR, no one dying. some heart problems, fractured bones, one drunken car accident - and that guy was something - kicking and screaming like someone was after him, hed even escaped the ambulance. i think he was not just drunk. took 6 guys to hold him down until they could administer whatever silenced him in seconds.

doctor was always telling me about the drama queen women who have nothing wrong with them,  something under the surface surely to present itself like this, but nothing they couldnt really control. i didnt want to fully believe him, i wondered if they could just disregard panic attacks or other mental conditions as drama. but unfortunately i saw for myself that every 6th or so patient is an uncontrollably screaming/crying female, who get better all by themselves (yes i am capable of making diagnosis...). i saw one 'hysteric' lady shut up and curiously turn to see as a seriously ill patient was reeled in. the ladies are brought in on a wheelchair and everyones face reflects the same thing; 'another one'. once they get to a hospital bed, they usually calm down. not much attention is given towards these cases. sometimes the wailing and crying starts again after 5 minutes of silence, then goes down again. if not, diazepam was liberally prescribed. these ladies spend on average 15 to 45mins at the ward and are discharged once they have rested a bit. supportive relatives then walk them out. obviously some emotional stress is related and some are on antidepressants but i wonder where the roots of this behavior really lie. therapy would be the right address anyway, ER is not. therapy is surely not available to working class/lower income people, i know, just saying.

my concern is how these cases take up spots and effort in the red room which should be preserved for the most seriously ill patients. i was told that trying to turn back the relatives pushing the wheelchair would cause even more fighting and trouble, its easier to let them bring her in,  let her lay there and then discharge when she gets 'healthy'. 

i got to write a prescription and help with some patients too, nothing 'important' obviously, just hanging out mainly. the white doctor coat suited me, i looked very professional! and we got my EKG and some blood work done. im all healthy surprise surprise!!

doctor was given 45min to sleep after 6am, but after that little nap i had trouble getting up again and went to the car to continue while he finished his shift. so i guess i am a bit of a fail? :(

after drawing blood the nurse gave me my vials and left me sitting there?? mmm, warm blood.

prescription! i have no idea what i prescribed...i just wrote what doctor spelled. a heart medicine, possibly.

early morning = part of the red room is empty.

behind the 'ER desk'. 

after sleeping a good part of saturday we got up and went out walking. ended up in a fish restaurant, at the terrace. nice evening. very nice to wake up and go to bed together... not something needed every day but id prefer it in the weekends at least. i remain hopeful about next month and a more humane shift schedule for doctor.

last friday doctor went to SGK for them to activate my health insurance. surely, that did not work, almost, but then the last clerk who was supposed to give her signature decided that i need to be there in person. so today we got up around noon and went there together. after queuing etc we were told the system is down and they will activate my insurance later. haha, sure. thats the most common reply in any government office "the system is not working now", happens in banks too. who is delivering the IT systems here?? so, still no insurance. however after sme pushing they gave me an 'insurance number', which i need in online banking for instance. on friday they were still claiming that there is no such number for foreigners. step by step...

my forehead and eyebrows are effectively starting to freeze. im just waiting to see how the brows end up and if its what i want.

i cooked delicious (really :) ground beef-pasta-veggie stew today, i was proud of myself.

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