July 20, 2012

more coffee

tired. maybe a dinner thingy tonight at Gurkan's. no motivation, for anything.

a couchsurfer from Luxembourg arrived yesterday, he will stay 2-3 days i think. we had a nice chat, nice fellow.

doctor had a day off yesterday and he cooked his delicious chicken veggie stew, enough for me to take my lunch to work with me today. I had forgotten what it's like to really spend time together, the past couple weeks were good in that aspect.

in the morning looking for cloths i picked u a shirt i dont remember buying. completely strange looking shirt. i like it though. not the first time it happened of course but i find it odd.

Florence + The Machine's new(?) song Never Let Me Go is wonderful. the whole album is great actually.

everyone at the office has an iphone now. its almost scary? 'tzing tzing' sound here and there when text messages are received. altho i set the classic Nokia 'beeb beeb' on my phone...  im different! and a fake patriot.

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry.”
― Jack Kerouac

i read Kerouac's book around 1998-2000 i guess... anyway its been a while. but it had a big effect on me, i really liked it.

and Ramadan is starting today. lets see if i notice, as i also sleep with ear plugs these days, the streets are just too noisy at times and in the summer we sleep the window open, with the bar just below...  during Ramadan the 'drummer boys' will be waking u the whole city at night to eat.

the general noise outside is usually fine and tolerable, but especially in the summer gypsy kids with their drums hanging around the bars cause a lot of very loud noise that echoes up to our flat. and while music and talking and laughing is typically just kind of static mumble that i dont mind, there is this one specific american bitch who goes to our downstairs bar often. and her voice can be heard over everything and everyone else. why bitch? well, i dunno who she is with -from the window i just recognized a guy but its maybe a different guy each time, i cant hear their voice- but she has these really long all-knowing monologues and she doesnt let the other person to speak. not cool. when she quiets down for 5 or 10 seconds i know she finally gave the other person(s) a chance.  i mean yes, u are allowed to be as loud as u want in a bar, but do you need to? oddly enough the occasional drunken singing and other stuff is not nearly as disruptive. im not even worried about myself or other neighbors but the people around her in the bar. she needs volume management. and her monologues...oh god. im not gonna list her concerns and attitudes but ive come to dislike her personality. one of these days i will record her, then go down to the bar and let her listen to it. not that it will make any difference but maybe make her proud of herself? she has a big effect on people in her community! i will restrain from describing how she looks. 

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