July 22, 2012

curious feeling

i just recently came aware of James Deen the porn actor, i guess i have been living in a cave...   since then i have been reading several blogs by fans, articles by journalists and his twitter+blog. i might have stumbled over some 'video material' too. besides the interviews on youtube. had to see for myself what the fuzz is about!! and well. i can see what its about! :D he does come off as a sex-positive feminist :) simply a very likeable guy. not something id expect of a porn actor. so now he is making a mainstream film with Lindsay Lohan(?!), based on a story by Bret Easton Ellis. and Doc Johnson is producing a dildo, that James 'helped' mold. interesting.
a quick list to get started:
youtube interview
GQ article
feministsub blog post

the weekend has started nice. altho Gurkan cancelled his dinner i ended up going out with Umut and co. they had some danish guests with them too. today i did nothing of course, just watched doctor sleep, i got up as he arrived home.

we were in Arkaoda with Umut's 'gang'. there is a resident cat AND turtle. the turtle happened to be hanging out at a corner, just where we sat down. nobody dared to move it as it seemed to be happy where it was, but i ended up the corner for a big part of the night and was worried about kicking the turtle. poor thing, i guess it has no way out of the place?

the photo didnt turn out so flattering, but there IS a turtle between my legs haha!

ive been feeling a little bit happy the past day or so. it feels like its been longer but perhaps not.

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