July 13, 2012

thoughts getting carried away

i sometimes find myself saying things that sound racist, according to myself or someone else. why do i say 'sound'? perhaps they really are racist thoughts, whether i see it that way or not. in the educated west i guess thats the worst thing you can be, a racist. but i dont always fully agree...  and sometimes im not sure. and i find myself frowning thnking about which is it. but that will be fixed with the next batch of botox :)

yesterday we had a conversation at the office. we were sitting in a room without air con, and everyone became really tired and 'slow' and ineffective. then we all moved back to the room with air conditioning, and in seconds people 'woke up' and got back to work. it occurred to me that instead of sending to Africa whatever we send now, maybe we should send air cons. someone added it might help Greece too, more than the loans. thinking of it, the racism must be in the suggestion that the poor situation of the countries is related to tired ineffectivness similar to what we experienced, the human factor. but if a brutal heat affects us so strongly, why wouldnt it affect others? i guess there are a few options;
a) africans have gotten used to the heat and they function just as well as we do with air con - we were affected by it because the change between the rooms was so radical
b) africans might be affected by the heat, but that is not contributing to their overall situation, poverty etc. (all white mans fault?)
c) opposite to what i assume, africa is already effectively air conditioned all over and people who need to get stuff done, get it done - and again the problems are not affected by heat-dysfunction
d) im missing something? its wrong to suggest there are problems at all, anything that doesnt get fixed with our vaccination programs and food aid? or just totally improper to suggest that anything anywhere has anything to do with effectiveness and functionality of people which might be affected by environment or climate?

but what about south america? its pretty hot there, too? my point exactly, have they gotten any shit done? besides the Mayan civilization? that came out rude but the seed of the thought is there. and Asia? any countries below the equator to get anything done are India and Australia. and they have air con. thanks to the british empire, but nevertheless, air con is air con. although in fact most indans dont have a proper indoor toilet (according to a recent news article), but the indians that get the stuff done, IT & call centers, i think they definitely have air con...  looking at the map i find India is above the equator actually - as is half of Africa. so we can extend the line to Tropic of Cancer. i think that pretty much covers the air con and non-air con countries?

so it all boils down to air con?!! and how did anything work before that? good question. i guess there is a chance that my logic is flawed.

yea im just bored today...

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