July 12, 2012

protein and...vegetables

party time for jenni. i stopped over at the butchers to get some ground beef and bought an onion and an eggplant from the brand new Dia (grocery store) that opened across from our flat. so, i am cooking myself eggplant kebab for dinner! awesome, after all, it been like...6 hours since i last ate it?? i have my favorites and eggplant kebab is one of them, i can apparently eat it literally all day. its easy enough for me to do by myself even, granting that i dont follow the recipe to the dot, of course... im cutting some corners as usual. (eggplant kebab recipe).

also today will be tv marathon night! like most nights...  i was gonna add pedicure and manicure but i got both done at salon last week, haha! so maybe ill just pamper myself with a nice long shower? and air con in the living room?

today was a turquoise day. from eyeliner to...nails and shirt, thats enough of one color i guess. i got the soft transparent shirt and metallic nail polish last night.

a kitty in a bar. 

kokorec (intestine) in the making. a popular night snack and fast food. 

looking at this the other night i again wondered how someone could find floor toilets more hygienic?? the floor...THE FLOOR! im sure some of the sprinkles are from the water hose but not all... no way. i realize the difference between dirty floor and dirty toilet seat, but the toilet seat is easy to wipe clean, or not fully sit on. this hole in the floor and the 'beautiful odors' coming off of it... thats something else. 

my eggplant kebab before the oven.  200gr of meat and one eggplant. onion is better raw than oven baked but oh well.

kadiköy last weekend;

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