July 12, 2012

i taste onion

its getting a bit hot in istanbul. officially 32C but apparently more. weirdly, i am managing ok, better than doctor for instance. its not comfy by any means, but i just...manage. only real problem is sleeping i think, the quality of sleep suffers some in this heat.

i started watching the first season of Matlock. as a kid i remember watching Matlock with my grandmother. but now that i see it again, wow, the TV sure has changed. such a slow pace, and the dramatic music... woah. on tuesday i found a new series, Perception. its a bit cliche, difficult and a bit unstable genius. but it lead me to Monk.... :D

Guantanamo...  in the news again. some people have been sitting there for a decade. i cant believe it. what a shame. if someone does wrong, punish them. if not, let them go. its that simple.

finally a Turkish newspaper in english made a phone app. Today's Zaman. now i can follow my local news on the phone too and not just from a browser.

doctor is now back to work from his glorious 5 day holiday. so we will be seeing each other an hour here or there, sometimes. back to minimal phone communication. ah. i have plans to go see him to the hospital though, this weekend. about time..  Pendik is just so far u dont go there for a quick visit. so in the weekend ill make the effort. the stories i hear about happenings at the hospital...  i have to see it for myself *rolleyes*

at least the turkish abortion ban law was buried. for now. Erdogan is cunning. this is not the end of the genius ideas, im sure.

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