July 10, 2012

weekend in a wrap

last week felt like forever at work for certain reasons but now the past free days flew past quickly of course. doctor slept all saturday but has had time off since then, so i had booked holiday today also. on saturday we went out with Senni, here in kadiköy. it was nice catching up, i hadnt properly seen her in a while.

on saturday we headed to the Prince's Islands. Büyükada in specific, the biggest one. on the other side of the island there was a beach club where we wanted to go, the entrance fee of 30tl per person covered the boat transportion also. not an amazing place by any means but it was ok. kind of a small beach actually, blasting dance music as they all do, selling beer, and i was hiding under a towel and an umbrella. we enjoyed it anyway :)

on sunday evening we had been invited by doctors colleague Can for some backyard grilling, but at the last minute it changed to a restaurant. this was all at the remotely eastern part of istanbul, Pendik. in turkish style we didnt know what to expect because information is not usually given. we were actually about 10 people and the menu was set, so we just sat there as the waiters kept filling our plates with most amazing things. it was a very fancy place (Özsu et lokantasi) with awesome food, and that reflected in the bill too. the finn in me would appreciate a warning or a question if we want or can spend a day's salary on a dinner but at the same time this is how it works in turkey, if u didnt have the money (what a shame, u'd rather go deep in debt than admit it) someone would pay for u. oh well. they were a group of colleagues from doctors hospital minus the few avec's like me.

the appetizers and bread in the middle of the table;

at the beach

today we didnt do anything...  breakfast in a cafe nearby. some laundry and internets...  a bad horror movie in the evening..(Abandoned)...  2 glasses of wine in a nearby bar...   :)

i read some people were hurt at the Pamplona bull run. i hate to say but thats one of the times when i think it suits them right. if you were there in the front rows to watch it, then u deserve to get your ass kicked, or more. thats what u get for supporting animal cruelty. lets not get into how buying cosmetics does it indirectly...

i havent been taking much photos (snapshots) lately. i should. but now i should sleep to go to work tomorrow.

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