July 05, 2012

pink sunglasses

this morning i went to the police station to pick my residence permit. i was supposed to go yesterday but i knew a new-ish person at the office would need me, so i re-scheduled for today. despite all my fears all was good. i will be 37 when my res. permit expires!! 5 years!!

valid until june 2017. in my thoughts, this means i will never have to renew it again because i will leave sometimes before the expiration date. i have grown fond of the country already, but seriously...  just today i read about a guy who was beaten by 7 policemen, and it was caught on video so there is no doubt (cant always trust what people say without proof). so what happens? the guy who was beaten is charged in court because the policemen apparently 'hurt their hands' while 'trying to detain' him.  they walk free.

coming back from work today. i should have taken a shot with the Bosporus and historical old stuff in the background but all i got is a wave breaker, im slow. but its warm and nice, thats obvious. actually earlier in the ferry ride i was inside as usual, and i was reading the book

some shoes i recently bought from eBay. an 80's pair that i intend to pimp up, as well as very basic square toe heels., very nice pair. just cant wear them tomorrow as another new pair of shoes got me totally blistered. summer is tough time...

probably the only thing i bought from Rome, sunglasses from H&M. these are what i wear everyday now. i have no interest in shopping around for nice brands that might look better, i treat sunglasses bad and lose them most of of the time.  except this past month ive been hanging on to these, i think im learning. esp. with my first wrinkle i should be careful not to frown and stuff right? botox would be more effective so i will look into that  :)

got some new earring last friday. we were out eating in Agapia last friday after which (around 10:30pm) we stopped over in Tamer's other shop and picked up some earrings etc. these 3 are all from that evening. i think maybe they should all be metal/silver. the black is perhaps a bit...hmm. 

i set Kokomo as an alarm sound on my phone. not an easy task on iPhone, btw.

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