August 19, 2012

ramadan is over

...not that i notice.

that moment when u see your acquintance and go all 'ooooh', as she looks pregnant. except then u realize she might have just developed a tummy, and u have to come up with something to explain your "oooh!". yeah, fuck my life.

omg there is a "cat whisperer" tv show! awesome! "My Cat From Hell"

tonight after a day of doing nothing i went out with Cansu. we were first sitting in the small garden of Karga. then we picked up the opened red wine bottle from our flat and hang out on the street which is common around here. sitting on the steps of stairs in front flats and just chatting.  suddenly we heard someone calling my name and wondered if we were dreaming, but it turns out we were sitting more less under Serkans flat, and he saw me looking down his window. lol. this is a small world; kadik√∂y has the population of helsinki (553 000 in 2008) - but only here i keep running into people.

3 days of holiday left...

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