September 01, 2012

holiday lalalala

holidaaaaaaayyyy. ive started off alone, doctor gets out of work tomorrow morning.  i met Elin for lunch on Bagdat caddesi. damn its a nice area, and crazy expensive! the food was good though, but i dont think i could afford to live there. not that i would want to switch my scrubby noisy kadiköy to any other place ever...  well, we'll see. anyway it was nice to see her, its been a while. she is pregnant so we talked about turkish families and traditions and how they differ, ive already read about it on some forums. scandinavian traditions on baby care are somewhat different. 

i went out really late to meet Cansu, Umut etc. hanging out on the street with them is a party in itself, people will stop over and say hi. we were having some drinks sitting on the street and then went to Zincir. nice night. i talked to Cagri about the sociological effects of porn, and whether there can be *anything* feminist in mainstream porn. i was talking about James Deen, of course.

i love the istanbul ferries. they connect much more than 2 continents. the european side has its own traits, but the asians feel just as strongly about their lot. and so many people everyday cross the water to the other side. rain or shine, the ferries run. that one time in the year when the sea traffic is on halt - u can count on the weather being really bad. the last storm, i think it was in the spring, had trucks falling over and building constructions collapsing (nothing quite spells like 'welcome earthquake' so well).

unlike any other schedule in turkey, the ferry schedules hold. gotta love that. the schedules are interlaced perfectly.

IDO is operating Istanbul ferries and boats. either way, with 103 ships its the largest commuter ferry operator in the world. they have a mix of old and new ships. i like the old feel and look of the older boats, not to mention names. they are often named after important figures in Turkish history. like Baris Manco the rock star. here is the boat. capacity 2100, which sounds like a lot to me, it doesnt dont seem SO big. 

the ferries have to mingle in the strait with the huge yachts and tankers and containers. i follow the them a bit. same names keep appearing, Yang Ming for example. and Green Guatemala.
this map shows the vessels in the area now. bosphorus traffic.

what bothers me on CSI, besides the chauvinism and patronizing and conservatism and ...  is that they rarely if ever call the medics/ambulance for someone wounded. they just sit there, talk to the victim and wait them to die.

im now down to the british version of Shark tank; Dragon's Den.  the enterpreneurs are just utterly pathetic most of the time, unable to open to open their mouth.

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