August 29, 2012

boat change is upsetting

"awkward band and musician photos" page on facebook. entertaining.

weekend lunch a while ago in a nearby restaurant. i chose chicken something. the pasta was an interesting addition. 

doctor's choice...err

when me and Senni went to Buyukada island, we walked around looking for a pension to stay the night. there are many worn out houses not taken care of. a bit sad really. 

this corner house is interesting...

Senni & nice lunch with raki.

coffee menu. there is frappe and froppe. kaffe milch and eirish kaffe....  hmm.

looking for a place to stay we were offered a room in a side house next to a home. it was... much worse than the picture would suggest. looks like someone was staying there already? and they asked 150tl/60e for the night. hah.

after finding a room (not easy, the island was full during holiday season) and me negoatiating a good price on it (of course), we walked around a bit.

in the night we ended up sitting at the square next to a street musician. then the market guy sent his errand boy to us with chips. and later he asked us over, there was a small terrace in front of the shop where we chat a bit. but at some point the drinks were too much and we decided to call it a night.

there are no cars on the island. but thats ok, we didnt mind watching these either.

the ferry to Kabatas has changed location and form. its leaving from the other port now and the boat itself is this modern, front loading freak. its boring, just lacking the athmosphere! docks faster, sure. but the ride is still 20min. blah.sill, the schedule is better now, its running more often and all day, not just rush hours. i just dont like to change my route especially...  this new port is like 200m further than the other. and i really like my routines...  

inside. sterile.

the good old fashioned boat.

old insides. clear winner!

 nails taken care of. and a new ring! yayyyy!

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