December 25, 2012

burb. tasty.

christmas done and dinner executed. i swore to myself this is the last christmas event im doing, someone needs to remind me next year if i start getting ideas. of course everything went well and i assume everyone had a good time, but the stress before it was horrible. and by 1pm my feet were aching, from the heel up to my calves. we did altogether 4 shopping rounds...  plastic utencils, small gifts (sweets) for the guests,  2 chickens, baguettes, juice, a table cloth...  lalala.  i couldve just started shopping earlier to make it easier, i am aware of that.

Melisa helped by making finnish meatballs and she also brought some cheeses etc. and then helped me prepare everything. doctor cooked 2 stuffed chickens in the oven, of which the other was not even touched. now im having some for lunch...  and dinner, and probably breakfast tomorrow...  Volkan could not arrange the christmas pork after all but instead fried some nice pork sausages. very tasty, reminded me of finland.

i was first worried if the wines we bought would be enough for the glögg but then everyone brought a bottle and at the end of the night when people left we had 5 fancy red wines unopened. i didnt want to use good wines for glögg anyway, we were drinking them as such. but the glögg was quite popular and succesful. as were the foods.

it would have been a also nice party had we invited more people but i had enough stress with this small and cozy gathering, and i kind of wanted to keep it like that, it was christmas after all. i think we were 11 people all in all. thats including Ako & Eero who are visiting istanbul for holidays, and their friend Mirva. also a peaceful dinner means not much mess and cleaning. after cleaning up most of the plastic cups and dishes the flat looks actually almost clean. we worked on that hard yesterday...especially doctor - he saved the day.

i gave doctor a blue tie and a Tefal hand blender which i knew he was interested in. the latter did also help me in making a dip and mashed i admit i had some of my interests in mind too - but i got it with the receipt and suggested that it can be exchanged to something else if he prefers. doctor is interested in just about any gadget out there, be it for cooking or computer parts. but his specialty are smart phone accessories. i had tipped him off that i like gift cards and i got one to Mudo! looking at their website now it looks like Mudo at worst; antique, rustic, classic turkish style...  BUT they have some nice modern items too, and nice clothes. i just got a toilet brush from there yesterday (this one) for 12,50tl/5e.

today and tomorrow i have a lot of work to do....  uh huh.

if i could only set some time aside to just relax and enjoy the christmas spirit? eh? laying on the couch doing nothing is not really my thing. maybe some tv and good music (Canines, Paloma Faith...) will do.

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