December 28, 2012

weak stomach

i have been having a "turkish" day today. doing my turkish homework and studying some verbs online and trying out different turkish learning phone apps. last night i also installed Rosetta Stone. im not so sure if it suits my needs but whatever, ill give it a go. in the afternoon i went to Tamer's shop to have a chat with him in turkish.

we got these plants (among other things)  from Serkan & L. i forgot the weird name of the plant. very curious looking things in their cute "pots".

i made the mistake of trying a vitamin supplement again, i just ate something small half an hour earlier... but lo and behold, i found myself feeling really pukey soon enough :( now im snacking popcorn, carrot and soda (= things found in the kitchen) to make it go away. i remember asking about it in a pharmacy in finland but she claimed it was impossible to feel nausea due to vitamin tablets. HAH. HAH. now i googled and most leads seem to point to iron. maybe i should try a supplement without iron? or maybe - since i dont actually have a deficiency of anything - i should FORGET ABOUT IT AND GO ON WITH MY LIFE? choices choices...

my fav kitty (Prenses) hanging out in the neighborhood has died, the chair shop guy told me. 10 days agho, he said. hit by a car :( very sad. 

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