December 30, 2012

cuddling with my computer

i am installing Evernote. im not at all sure if i need it, i am using dropbox for all my syncing needs and i dont really need to save web clips  and such. anyway ill give it a go. i am actually certain i gave it a go years ago but the "forgot password?" function didnt work so...whatever. ill start over.

5mins later. this software is a notebook on crack. something between Word and...  Daemon Tools (the way the UI looks). ugly and very confusing. i guess im just not target audience? the web interface is much clearer but also too complicated for what i want. depressing! i wanted to fall in love with an app!

igoogle will be discontinued in about a year. i started writing "igoogle..." in my search bar and the first suggestion was "igoogle replacement". hahaa, exactly. im not alone. i found this list of 6 alternatives. in fact i rarely "use" igoogle, its not set as my home page even, but its a nice to have thing...  i clicked on a few of those 6 options. Netvibes kind of interested me at first but then i click "get started" on their front page and get this gloomy looking thing, as if i was installing antivirus program...  BUY...UPGRADE...FREE TRIAL...

then i headed to uStart which sounds like a spin off of uTorrent... ok, upon arrival to their site i get a box that asks what i want on my page, tech stuff? economics? ...i clicked some things and woah, there's my customized page, ready. in SECONDS from arriving, literally. then i spent another 1-2 minutes adding some widgets that i want, like weather and twitter feed. the amount of widgets is limited though. but okay, i think i can deal with this, its quite pretty!

the service closest to igoogle is ighome - which is a "copy" of the aforementioned service, looking very similar and having almost identical selection of widgets and tools. its not very smooth looking nor easy to to operate but as said, closest to the original.  its still in beta so there is hope...

i made some small changed to the blog, changed the background color to a more greyish direction and expanded the main column width by 20px.

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