January 02, 2013

to the wall

i have been looking for a wall calendar for a while now since i started my "home office". i simply feel like one is needed right here, by my desk. i would like to see my schedule with one glance rather than hassle with google or my phone. old fashioned, perhaps. first i looked for artsy cool stuff, but as i didnt find anything to my liking, i decided that actually a really old fashioned basic calendar with "flowers" or whatever will do. i found nice polar bear calendars at calendar.com. most calendars seem to start the week with a Sunday though and that IS a problem, so my options are limited. anyway, the prices are not bad, international shipping to all the way here is 8,99 USD. all in all my calendar might end up costing 25tl/11e. not bad. i will go out today and see if i find something more amusing in the book store, but if not, ill get the polar bears i guess.

Ako & Eero left today, flying back to finland in the afternoon. we had a nice time in fact, eating out and stuff. kind of interesting though as we had not met since 2006 or 2007 perhaps...this was an opportunity to rekindle the friendship. getting some finnish guests every now and then can be refreshing. and they seemed to like the city so thats heart warming of course....

New Years was very uneventful. none of us were in huge party mood. we went to a bar nearby (Gügüm) where a friend's friend had invited people, it was a rooftop and not shabby at all but we left before 1am i believe, ate snacks and went to bed.

emptyemptor.com has interesting fashion related posts, from a more philosophical point of view.

turkish government's website is being transformed into a portal for all citizens. they are trying to gather all government related services in pne place. you get the password from the post office with your ID. in the portal you can sign up for exams,  look at your tax records and file complaints, check your work permit application status and so on. and they are apparently trying to add further more services. not bad. however it reminds me how im still not eligible for work permit, yet have to pay the my health insurance according to hig (max) income, 225tl/100e.

earrings from Six; 

with Ako & Eero in Solera, an amazing, cozy wine bar  in Taksim, down the street from Galatasaray lisesi. they only have a lot of great wines, and snacks, no beer etc.

i wonder how this letter from my bank made it all the way to me, is the pixel code enough these days? only the district and street name are visible, the house name & number are hidden. hmm.

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