December 11, 2012

Garanti struggle

i decided to change from Akbank to Garanti about a month ago...
1. i went to a Garanti branch, queued for an hour and was told the system does not work atm
2. i went again another day, and got my account set up. besides the 62 page contract (signed every page) i was fooled to sign an insurance for myself.
3. after about 5 phone calls to various numbers and promises to call back, i got the insurance cancelled.
4. a kargo company tried to deliver my card, i was not at home and they left a note. the next day the card was not at the kargo center though.
5. called bank and tried to get the kargo delivery again or redirect to branch. not possible by phone.
6. tried to login to online banking with a "password" i got via SMS, didnt work. called customer service, couldnt help, told me to go to branch.
7. went to branch again, asked to get the card delivered there and got instructions for online banking. also i got another sms password.
8. tried online banking with the numbers and passwords given. didnt work.
9. called customer service to set my card PIN as instructed. i think that worked out.
10. after a lot of hassle logging on to online banking worked too, there are just so many passwords and "pin codes" and they keep sending new ones and you have to set new ones as you login its a bit confusing and gets mixed up easily.

all in all a normal turkish procedure!

one interesting detail is that when u login to online banking the first time, you have to choose an image from a selection of cartoonish pictures, and that picture will be shown to you whenever  you login. i didnt really get the idea to be honest.  but for sure Garanti has tough safety measures just like Akbank. and later when i logged onto Akbank, they also prompted me to choose a pic! seems like a trend now!

this is what the award winning (really) online banking at Garanti looks like.

For comparison this is Akbanks online banking (home screen). 

here u get to choose a picture!

due to the bad translations online banking can be tough sometimes.  see Akbank's info below. in Garanti i see much better english, but not perfect.


roland deschain of gilead said...

the picture selection is for preventing "phising" websites. the choice of your safety picture is hidden elsewhere in the it system n comes up on bank website when u log in. if u enter yr name but not see the picture then u must realize u went to a fake website that pretends to be the bank thus stealing your bank account and password info.

jenni said...

i wonder if people will learn this, what do u think? i think i at least wont remember the picture thing in a week, and when i log in i wont expect to see any.