December 13, 2012

trying to keep busy. could do better.

on monday we dropped by in IKEA. not working sure makes things easier time wise, if not money wise...:( BUT i just got an email regarding a book cover deal. its not a lot of money, i would say some nice extra for 1 month. but either way i am very grateful  to myself for taking those photos back in the day...:D even if i did it out of obsession, but so many others seem to enjoy them as well. but, really, quite nice :) me happy. and doctor has some free days too now, so...  :)

so in IKEA the main objective was to buy a cheap simple shelf for the guest room which is lacking empty storage space for guests. we got a small and narrow white Billy bookcase. and im proud we didnt buy too much stuff in addition. a couple wine glasses to replace the ones we broke. a new egg slicer, again to replace a broken one. scented tea lights. thats probably it. almost, a few items below.. there are sooo many beautiful wonderful things but i kept my hands off.

i bought these small wall pieces from a shop on our street. for the quest room.

and i moved our bed around 90 degrees. and people ask why i dont settle for the iphone camera after losing my pocket cam...  what is this piece of s*** blur here?? the pink sheet is all a mess, although in reality its 2 tone.

tonight i bought kind of silvery wire mesh to make a christmas tree. the IKEA lights seem a little insufficient...  need to go shopping again. the tree needs to be lit up! also the tree itself still needs work. maybe a star of sorts to the top? 

left over from the christmas tree, i used the wire to decorate the two small "candle holders" ie. glass jars. i like the look!

hmm, this is unrelated. doctor sent a photo from his workplace.

i got 2 black Nyttja frames and then boughts english newspapers to make kind of article collages. just to have something in them. i couldnt think of nice photos right now :( and im kind of allergic to photos these days anyway.

me and doctor in lack of better reasons. i havent eaten sushi in ages so we got a huge menu from sushi express. 69tl. dizzing numbers :S

tomorrow is Finland's independence day reception at a hotel in Taksim. looking forward to it, last year it was really nice. tomorrow i also have a job related meeting for a project, continuance to the mobile app thing. so thats good news. im not a complete housewife :) altho the flat is starting to look pretty clean after my few unemployed days. it will never be as clean as a turkish household should, but im impressing myself.

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