January 17, 2013

going to Barca, with or without THY

Barcelona ticket bought (with my Miles & Smiles points), but boy was that a 2h job. Turkish Airlines thinks you should work to earn your flight!

it was a bit impulsive, we're going with Antti (VV's ex), in April. i should be happy about the trip about to come but im just exhausted from all the hassle. Turkish Airlines website is internally from the 90s, links are broken, whether its about paying your ticket or trying to book a ticket with your membership info, nothing works. its really pathetic, year after another. only thing almost as horrible as the site is their phone service. bad english and bad attitude makes an unhappy customer.

altho i used the Miles & Smiles (very poor customer program, btw) points for my ticket i still had to pay taxes. for payment, i was offered to use Garanti bank money transfer. sure, i logged into Garanti's online bank in there im told that Miles & Smiles points tickets cant be  paid there, only on THY website. but THY website doesnt let me pay cos the links for that are broken. i call THY and there is a guy who keeps saying he doesnt know (and seemingly, care) what the website is like and how it works. he suggests i give him my credit card number. i decide to look into other options.

i finally found another way to get to the payment section at THY site, while logged in. wow. so i compared the working link and broken one. 


its the 's' in http. i wonder if they will ever notice that member card holders dont pay or book on the site (because this happened to me last year too). although i finally managed, i doubt many others do.

in the end my 1st and 2nd name are together on the ticket. i called THY again an they said its supposed to be like that, so they can differentiate the last name. okay whatever. what a fuckin horrible experience. 

my return flight is still a mystery. either i buy a ticket back here, or go to Vienna for a couple days, to see my dad and Miriam if she's in town. i found very cheap flights from Barcelona to Vienna and from there to Istanbul, 60e more basically, than if i just return.

i feel guilty about going without doctor since he cant take vacation like that, and after all, what have i done to DESERVE a vacation? the lutheran upbringing sits tight in me...   our plan is to go abroad with doctor later in the year, to a new place somewhere, hopefully pretty far.

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