January 13, 2013

mouse disability

i watched all 3 episodes of The Polar Bear Family & Me. very touching of course, i love animal documentaries.

tonight we watched The Sessions with doctor. it had gotten good reviews and seemed like something easy. that is was. simply a nice movie. but nothing amazing, wont even make it to my  TOP 100 i suppose.

it is tough to operate the mouse with a left hand. i switched the hand today as i seem to be developing some kind of a "mouse wrist" - some muscles or nerves in my wrist are occasionally aching, it started a few months ago and has slowly gotten worse. playing with my phone in the evenings is not enjoyable anymore. so, i figure before buying a proper wrist "cast" to keep it still for a bit, i just put it in bandage. that automatically makes one careful with the hand, even if in theory it can still move. so i will try if a few days of this would heal it. and then i should start to use an ergonomic mouse pad and maybe change the mouse. we'll see.

there was snow for a couple days this week. now everything is back to normal of course and i dare to go out too. the corner kiosk and its cola bottles sitting under the snow were somehow an "awww" sight.

seafood pasta from a few days ago. squid, shrimps, mussels...  in cream. it was okay even if i say so myself.

me and doctor, enjoying a day off. 

 Senni and I had coffee in Isis Cafe yesterday. 

fat felines make themselves at home in Istanbul  cats cats cats...  :)

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