January 25, 2013

relaxing with other expats

last night me and Hanna went to an InterNations event. its for expats to network and meet up. im a typical finn and not so good an mingling and small talk but supporting each other i think we managed fine and had a nice night. the event was at Mövenpick Hotel, in a fancy lounge on the 20th floor. very expensive...  but nice view! i even shot a video;

in the lounge

 me! from Finland!

after the InterNations event  we went to Taksim for a small nigh snack. this place is People's Taxim or something, right by the square.

Gürkan's kitty last weekend. maybe not the most aesthetic photo but funny! this kitty is one huge Russian blue...

origami condom - interesting idea. i wonder if one day it can be found in shops. it doesnt look super comfy?

my fav Spotify app is We Are Hunted. i use it a lot, found a great deal of new fav artists that way.

i had a chat with the talkative Dia grocery store guy today. he was complaining that work never ends...  i commented that it ends at 9pm, when the store closes. he pointed out out that he has to stay until 10 or 11 to fill shelves and clean etc. okay, this is true, i have seen the shop lights on at late hours, every day.  turns out he comes to work at 9am to to open the store and works 6 days a week, of course. so 11-12h/work x 6/ week. thats quite a lot. and of course he lives really far, with his parents, and he is 38 yrs old. and his salary is the minimum salary in turkey 800tl/350e. tough :(

on my way out i ran into the kapici of the building (resident who is responsible for "stuff"), she is an older lady whom i usually see every 2nd month when she comes to ask for the maintenance money. so far i think our relations have been good & normal i think, as ive learned to speak more turkish i could throw the occasional comment besides the smile. now that she saw me she just went on "omg you're so beautiful...so sweeeet...  sooo beautiful...!!!" and pinched my cheek. maybe she was tipsy?  but im glad to be on her good side, i have heard people say she is bitchy and when we first moved she indeed was.

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