February 17, 2013

eating out and about

now that its been a few years since the smoking ban in finland (and turkey) took effect, the annoyance of being around around smoke has worsened. i still dont pick bars according to whether they allow people to smoke or not (illegally...), but i find myself avoiding smoke somehow. last night me, doctor and Senni went to Masal Evi - one of bar street's bars - and they had a whole floor dedicated to smokers. and boy was it actually horrible. me and doctor were both miserable and my eyes started to hurt, it was very uncomfortable. the air was grey from smoke. then the waiter decided it would be okay to open the balcony door for a minute. the music there was very groovy though, im willing to go again but only if they have free space in the non-smoking floors.

we were planning on buying a new refrigerator with doctor. the old one is...old, the freezer compartment gets quickly icy and fills the space, and im certain it hogs energy too. so ive been browsing enthusiastically and yesterday we went  out in the real world to look for models. most fridges seem 70cm wide these days, but these are some 60cm ones. great, i thought. until i measured our fridge today. 55cm. and the kitchen counter top is set so there is no space for anything bigger. it looks like we are effectively doomed to live with this fridge for eternity. we should just hope it doesnt actually break? actually there were 2-3 models when we searched internet thoroughly but they are about the same height, and we were hoping for a taller one to accommodate more freezer space. in finland 55cm seems to be the standard though?? wow, the fridge manufacturers have to localize a lot. anyway now im very sad.

my new favorite place for lunch is the nearby Makarna Evi (macaroni home). 5tl/2e for a full plate of your chosen pasta and sidedishes. the latter are all kinds of turkish home food; bulgur, rice, beans, potato-mince meat casserole and so on... and salad. the old man is the owner of the place.

some of the options...

my lunch plate. 

my old and faithful black leather platform boots. 

typical turkish "home food" (spinach & egg), swimming in oil. the oiliness has always been a turn-off for me. 

kitties having a nap in front of the mosque on a ledge where the old men are selling antique items. 

there is a new restaurant near our home on mühürdar street, Pizza House. about of their menu is non-pizza though...  pasta, salads and warm sandwhiches...    it has a nice decor, looks semi fast-foody but still ok considering the prices are very cheap....

Pizza House's menu - nice design i think

we ordered these odd combos. salad-pasta-meat on a long plate is trending here, ive found several restaurants with this theme. all in all the food was average, but good value for money.

later we went to Cafe Kafka, which has a great view of Bosporus. but the view is reflected in the prices, 9tl/4e for a filtered coffee.  well, me and doctor were enjoying a good sunday afternoon, celebrating his rare days off.

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