February 14, 2013

back fire

early this week i cooked rice with chicken-honey-cream-yogurt-corn sauce. against all my expectations it was pretty good. im not sure i should try my luck again altho doctor suggested that we add it on our "menu". 

young, mormon and single. an interesting reality show by BBC. i just learned a lot about mormons, like, you have to be married to get to heaven.

Motive is a wonderful new crime series from Canada. i like the main characters.

a sudden back pain hit me earlier this week, debilitating me a bit. after the initial very painful evening its hung around making me just uncomfortable. i have no idea what kind of stretching or wrenching to do that might help, since i dont know what caused it to begin with. today i took out the big guns and started taking the muscle relaxants that doctor suggested plus a "tiger patch" that Senni swears on. its burning like hell on my skin now :S both also recommended me to start a "painkiller-week" but im not quite there yet. i resorted to some kind of opiate on the night i though my back was gonna kill me but im not a fan of painkillers long term...so we will see.

5 hours later: i had to remove the burning patch but now that its gone, so is the back pain, or most of it. but was it the muscle relaxant or the patch? we will never know. i hope it stays this way.

last night Senni, Umut & Cansu and others were going to see Rain Leechers in Mojo, Taksim. i am not a fan of concerts but decided that i should be social and show my face. so i did. the band was not horribly bad but i was definitely bored halfway of the first song. thankfully everyone wanted to leave after half an hour.

tulips from doctor, from yesterday. i was feeling ill and he wanted to surprise me.

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