February 10, 2013

on being top chef

a couple weeks back this american women traveling in istanbul disappeared. her husband flew in from NYC to find her. in about a week her body was discovered near the center of the city but its still a mystery what happened (besides a fatal blow to the head). it got a lot of attention in the turkish media, her instagram contacts and twitter feeds were scoured through by the media as well as police. there has been victim blaming, there are proposals to warn female tourists, and everything else. expats like me felt like it hit close to home - she didnt seem like she was reckless or naive ("so could this happen to me?"). but who knows.
an article on "what Sarai Sierra's murder says about Turkish society"

me and doctor watching Top Chef last night.the finnish contestant Stefan was eliminated last week, unfortunately.

in the Sinan Pasa Mosque i noticed the fancy chandeliers have been transformed modern, the bulbs looked amusing somehow. 

a skirt i bough a week ago. the material is very proper, with a woven look, but its above the knees and girly because of the bell shape.  fits well with this blouse.

before doctor finished his lunch i managed to snap a photo. this is going to be a cooking blog lol! this food was just so amazingly delicious i need to write down the recipe. these type of stews are not my favorite cos they require a lot of chopping and a long cooking time, so overall it takes about 30-40min of work and 1+h to finish. however they are easy to make in large quantities (4-6 meals) and i think fairly healthy.

instructions: chop everything and throw them in a big pot. spice.  wait for 30min.

to be proper, u should first put in onion and any meat that goes in, but im not sure if it makes a difference in the end.

mince meat (or other meat) - for ex. 100g per serving

also in the past ive used spring onion, broccoli, peas, dill etc. 

for spicing i use 1 meat bouillon cube, black pepper, white pepper, basil & some herb mixes (from finland)... i rarely add salt on anything - the bouillon has salt already, doctor can salt his meal separately. yesterday i also threw in turmeric, supposed to be healthy...??

i might also throw in sesame seeds although they prolly dont have a taste, but i gather they are healthy? also i might add cream & coconut flakes if i want a softer taste.

on friday i met 2 finnish travelers Jussi & Laura, in order to show them around kadiköy. we also tried to get Laura a tattoo but had bad luck as the tattooist was not available after all. as expected they liked my part of the city very much and we couldve dragged the night on but they had an early wake up. my friend Mehmet drove them then to Taksim to the hostel, but taking a scenery route which i enjoyed too.

these upcoming movies seem interesting:
NO - Gael Garcia Bernal, Chile and politics
Laurence Anyways - couldnt figure out what is going on here, very confusing
Upstream Color - another weird one
I Am Not a Hipster - for my generation

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