February 23, 2013


the Barcelona-Vienna trip in april is slowly forming.  Barcelona seems quite clear now, me and Antti have the flights and accommondation (a whole flat in the center, Ramblas :) and i have 1 contact in the city - need to find more though. i am just really dreaming of the food there, it will be amazing, like in Rome, right??! RIGHT?!!!  and i wouldnt mind if there was some good shopping. anyway, the Vienna-part took a turn for the worse when Miriam mixed up the months and by the time i get there she will have already escaped to Cairo...  i am obviously also going to see my dad and his family, but i think im lucky i hadnt book the flight back cos im not sure how many days i'd really like Vienna without Miriam. her ex, Severin, will meet up with me i guess, so we can hang out. we had maaaany good times in the past so thats good. but i still felt like i have to fix the situation in general somehow. Senni said that Bratislava is near Vienna and Anna (Senni's friend) is in Bratislava. i would love to meet Anna again so i messaged her (via facebook, which is how people these days communicate). turns out its only 70km from Vienna, 8-9e with a bus or train! cool. the thing is i have forgotten where Bratislava is - in which country that is - but i will google it soon and it will be a nice surprise. heh, of course there is the implication that in the past i knew where Bratislava is. but i mightve! so i think i can still make this work. waiting for more bright ideas...

my SUPERPUPU-PC is getting old. alzheimers and that type of things. luckily a medicine exists, its called "buy more RAM". she is over 4 years old now i think, and when Arttu built her she got 4 x 1 GB of DDR2 memory. they only seem to manufacture 2GB cards now, so i decided to buy 4 x 2 GB to double the RAM. doctor and i ordered Kingston RAM from hepsiburada.com yesterday. one good thing in turkey is that bank transfers from bank to another are immediate. the delivery arrived to the door today, less than 24h from the order. good service!

we also realized that if we cut off a part of the kitchen counter, we could fit a 60cm fridge in there. its hard to find one of those, as most fridges are 70cm wide, but at least its possible. and destroying the counter top - no one will notice (when we move), in turkey things are like that...  the walls are not straight, there are gaps here and there and fixed furniture such as showers and kitchen counters may be butchered. now its just about finding the fridge. im strict about the budget on this so it is not easy. i had to do some research and find out truths that made me eat my words. Vestel seems to be a reputable turkish brand - after all, they bought Finlux and many other european brands. Indesit and Ariston-Hotpoint are from the same Italian company, it seems. Indesit is so big and i didnt find much negative about it, i will have to accept it - but i suspect that Ariston-Hotpoint is their low-end brand perhaps, and at least the name is ridiculous, so unfortunately i draw the line there. of course i still secrectly hope that we could get a decently priced Bosch or Electrolux but that seems unlikely. i am quite pessimistic about the turkish brands and maybe too much so, but i also have some experience from buying white goods and electronics here and i have learned the hard way what could happen. so its not complete paranoia.

i have been lazy in cooking this week. i downloaded Anthony Bourdain's tv series but i think it will just make me want to travel rather than cook.

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