February 24, 2013

i will go out. after this coffee...

ill try bolding in this post. ive been wanting to do it for a long time, ive used it in emails, both personal and professional, for a long time, but couldnt really convince myself of how it would be useful in my blog. but when i go to my own blog looking for something, i can see how i would like bolded keywords. so ill try.  

i am following too many tv shows and keeping up with the airing dates is tough. so i looked out for some websites/apps that would help me keep up with. the winner was episodecalendar. it does even better than giving me the air dates, it moves them ahead by 1 day...practical. in addition to the online calendar, i can receive an email every day and subscribe to RSS feeds. lifesaver.

Economist's language blog Johnson had a small but interesting post on exclamation mark and other hardships that brand names present. like, do u capitalize eBay if its in the beginning of a sentence. i smiled as ive taken the liberties to not follow some rules, especially when it comes to capitalization. i capitalize when i feel like it, but i often write brand names as they are known.

Turkey's AKP party continues its path.  alcohol restrictions, talk about headscarves, more islamic school...slowly but surely. but thanks to economic growth an minor improvements in other areas, the west sees AKP as a hero.

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