March 10, 2013

female workforce & fridges

yesterday was a wine & cheese night with a few selected females. i didnt want to organize a huge party but it turns out that a small wine & cheese event stresses the hell out of me all the same. well i think my stress levels were still moderate but after i bought loads of expensive foreign cheese (gorgonzola, camembert, brie etc) our brand new fancy fridge decided to resign. first on friday evening i thought it was just a temperature issue and turned it up (colder) but on saturday i woke up to a warm and smelly refrigerator, with the cheese in there. luckily cheese does quite well with warm - and most importantly our old fridge was still on the balcony as i had yet not managed to get rid of it. i pulled an extension cord to the balcony and threw the cheese in there. but to say i was anxious and upset is to put it mildly. i am such a control freak that when things dont go as i planned, i start looking for my xanax. i managed to calm down all on my own though and try and feel good despite everything. it worked.

but there i was, thinking that buying an Electrolux will guarantee a good service as well as a good product. hah. the repair service said they will come on monday....    and on monday our old fridge is probably leaving too, i have sold it to a friend.  i dont care anymore if i have to live without a fridge for a day or 2 since food and drinks are so easily available all around our home, but losing the frozen goods and the general annoyance of this is kinda blah...

so i went shopping for crackers and olives and other things to serve with the cheese. i dont eat olives myself but i bought a nice selection of different types from here:

the table. for wines, we had a nice selection cos i had allocated different wines to different people. there was chianti, shiraz, bordeaux, rose, etc...   the night was all in all really nice, i am luky to have such a nice bunch of people around me.

Melisa added some fruits on the cheese plate, looking good!

hmm, almost invisible. the wall we use for watching tv/movies with a projector was looking too empty as usual so this time i made a small installation for it, from wire, what else.

"a debate" on make up and feminism in NYTimes. not super deep but anyway.

(Hurriyet 8.3) UN report: Fewer women employed in Turkey. from 40 % (2000) to 27% (2012. thats a lot. one reason the article points to is the rising conservatism thanks to...tadaa: AKP!

and another article from today: Housework barrier to female workforce. "More than half of unemployed women in Turkey say that housework is preventing them from gaining employment..."  yet, the prime minister demands every woman to pop out MINIMUM of 3 babies. oh, he has changed the goal to 5 recently. does he also demand that men help with house work? no.

this seafood schowder showcased on The Taste seems delicious, but oh my god the list of ingredients... maybe in my next life. 

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