March 13, 2013

what 33 yrs old do

*while watching Hell's Kitchen*

the Electrolux repair guy came on Monday. just to conclude he didnt know what was wrong, he then made some calls for advice and said he will come back the next day OR the day after with a machine of some sort...  well thats great, awesome service. this must be why we paid extra for a SWEDISH brand. who needs a fridge anyway.  so i spent my birthday (yesterday) without a cooling system. to be honest i did fine but i am annoyed on principle.

TODAY they finally came and presumably fixed it. at least the fridge is getting cooler now. the guy said it was about not having enough gas in the system. and that it MIGHT be a factory error ...  but i hope these problems will be finally over.  

i pampered myself with shrimp noodles on my birthday. when doctor arrived from work in the afternoon it turned out that as often happens, he was confused with the day and year, so he had forgotten about what day it was. eventually i reminded him. when he got up late in the evening he went out and got me some nice thoughtful gifts though...and we went out to eat. so not all was lost.

"Students face two-year jail sentence for throwing darts at Turkish PM's photo" on Hürriyet Daily.  another wonderful examples of the freedom of speech in Turkey. i wonder when i will be deported for linking to these news and my opinions?

from the party we had some ricotta cheese left over (in fact the package was not opened as it dawned on me that it is perhaps just for cooking, not for cheese tasting...) so today i tried this ricotta pasta recipe. yeah, this is what 33 yr olds do...     i obviously had to switch the bacon to italian ham though. Milka sells bacon in 0,5kg packs but the price is hefty too. like, more than some peoples daily salary.i have been going to Milka too often lately, they have tortilla chips and salsa so...  i had to have some.

well that pasta was a nice lunch for me and doctor. for dinner i will continue the trend of the past days, eating  more cheese leftovers and whatever thawed when our fridge/freezer gave up. tonight that means tomato and red kidney beans. i googled what to do with red kidney beans (why did i ever buy them??? canned ones are so good i guess i was getting experimental). so i sliced some onion on a pan, added the frozen beans and tomatoes and in the end decorated it all with some turkish cheese.

the past days weather has been great. around 15C. so i went out grocery shopping without a jacket and it felt warm. not bad.i wish it would stay this way...

yesterday a birthday gift arrived in the form of an email, it was a notification that i'd passed the ISTQB exam. so they are sending me the paper certification soon. thats cool. i managed to study and accomplish something.

this was a few days ago i think. but my jacket is covering my fancy skirt :( 

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