April 24, 2013

the most important stuff (??)

less than 24h after i return from my trip i find myself on eBay looking for shoes...hmm. i bought 3 pairs on my trip.

as usual my trip was good, interesting and all those things. what was perhaps extra positive is the changes on the way - i'd already extended my plan from Barcelona to Vienna and then to Bratislava, but when Anna-Margareta asked me if i wanted to join her to Brno for a day trip it was hard to say no. the distances are short and trains cheap...so why not? that whole quick Slovakia/Czech Rep round was quite nice and refreshing. since Vienna is well, same old...  Barcelona was great of course, but so much anticipated that it wasnt really a surprise how much i enjoyed....if that makes sense. i should later report on the public transport and airport designs of various places...  i always find them utmost interesting (almost as interesting as schedules).

also the sun seemed to follow me the whole trip, daily temperatures were around 20C minimum...   Istanbul was a bit of a downer when i arrived, something like 15C. tomorrow should get warm again.

im putting my trip photos in flickr as usual i guess...  although now im questioning it... like, why???? why put photos on the internet, who CARES? well i think ill upload a selection later anyway. 

home coming was good, doctor had done major cleaning at home which almost made me feel guilty - i probably shouldve done exactly that before leaving.  i have the time after all. anyway, we went out for dinner and since he had a day off today we had the opportunity to connect again.

spanish tapas...  yum yum.

Sitges beach - not a very descriptive photo. but there were palm trees and sand around...  but the picnic was the main point, very delicious and warm. me, Antti & 2 other finnish friends took the train from Barcelona to Sitges and enjoyed the sea view.

Barcelona streets... :)

shoes from Bershka. i love the heel of course.

in Brno with Anna-Margareta. 

i loooved the modern architecture of Barcelona. Vienna has some nice stuff too, though. 

sushi. is what i ate everyday in Vienna. cheap and tasty...

summer clogs from a Spanish chain (inSide).

some stuff...  scarf, t-shirt....turquoise dress...white blouse.  

a silky (polyester) shirt and a casual jersey to go with it.  both 5e/12tl.

a back linen cardigan to replace my old one which is barely holding together anymore. and a casual black cotton dress, 3/4 sleeves, almost knee length. both H&M. i think black casual dresses are my one favorite piece of clothing. 

earrings, "pearls" and a new perfume...  (Valentino's Valentina acqua floreale).

i usually buy 1 pair of flats a year, just to walk a round with them once and conclude that its hell for my heels. but i always have to try! these classic lacy flats were my choice for summer 2013. but my feet are still sooo sore from the trip it will take a while before i give these a try. 8e/20tl in a presumably local clothes chain in (Gate) Bratislava.

some soup mixes from Slovakia! i am excited to see what they are like. i wish i was able to buy and bring home more food stuff when i travel...the grocery stores are full of really interesting things...

of course i bought some make up too, MAC concealer and some eye shadows and eye liners...from Drogerie Markt  mainly - cheap brands :)

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