April 15, 2013

BCN 2013

Barcelona has been smooth. Antti headed home today and i have 1 more day to spend.

the restaurant and bar "schedules" are harder to follow than i expected. the opening hours seem limited, a few hours here or there, we missed a couple of metal times effectively... today i was hoping to eat sushi but the nearby sushi place is not open on mondays (or sundays, or afternoons, or mornings...). most places seem to have off-days...

when we did get to eat the food was tasty of course. tapas has a lot of similarities with mezes; oily things, veggies and deep fried things... some i like more than others, some very much. the most popular tapas/snack is 'patates bravas', fries (in a boat shape) with mayo+ketchup. very international. not for me though :( its hard to decide where to eat though when its very touristic and we were warned not to eat near the Ramblas for instance. but we found good cozy places. the city has so many wonderful bars and restaurants with character its hard to choose between those in general. but our airbnb-flat is perfectly situated for getting around. and the air-dried ham is good. and the wines are tasty. and the sparkling wine selection suberb :)

as expected, ive enjoyed the atmosphere of the city a lot. we took a bus tour around to effectively see places -time is limited after all- and especially the modern architecture impressed me. a lot of creativity going on, from personal styles of the locals to the decors to the Gaudi-wtf-stuff. me and Antti actually wondered how the F did anyone give him the permission to build anything? in any other place i think he would have been laughed at. Antti pointed out that la sagrada familia is like something from your typical 'lizard disco' nightmare. how does someone come up with that stuff?? anyway, its crazy. but how come they are still working on the building, its been going on forever... just get it done! (guardian article on the sagrada familia - which i dont agree with btw) if the building is too difficult to finish then maybe its not so well designed after all... just sayin!

to my surprise wifis are rare. the more touristic restaurants have them, the rest just dont. the very center of the city had something called "barcelona wifi" which did not work at all, and a shopping center had the same problem, and the tour bus as well...    it seems spain is really the place between turkey and europe. some things work and are organized, the rest...not so much :)

oh, shopping wise i think Antti and i did a good job, found some new shoes and clothes and stuff. everything a superficial westerner needs.  on saturday we went to Sitges beach town near Barcelona with 2 other finnish friends, just 40min by train. a sunny beach picnic with strawberries, ham, brie cheese and sparkling wine is preeeeetty nice! that was a nice day by the palm trees...

well im seeing someone from deviantart tonight, i should do some more touring before that...

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