May 09, 2013

nice sceneries, and caves

Arttu arrived a few days ago. he is not staying long so ive been busy with him.

we went to Cappadocia yesterday morning, but its a large area and we didnt have energy to explore every bloody cave or underground city. but its really beautiful, there is so much to see, so many nice views. renting a scooter and driving around was the best decision ever. the area is really touristic and so it seems to run around tourism, this means nice looking restaurants that serve mediocre food. the lentil soup i had this morning was obviously made from a dry soup mix :S buts its a nice place to visit, easy to enjoy. the airport is 1h drive from Göreme village where we stayed in a hostel/pension. Kayseri airport is almost cute, one big hall, that's it. the planes park right in front of the "back door" (the whole wall is glass so its visible), easy.

from my flickr;

Arttu burned himself of course. but even i got a pink spot on my shoulder...err. 

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