June 23, 2013

is it a trailer watcing day?

movie time.  i watched i give it a year (trailer). a few times i laughed so hard i had tears running down my face, which surprised me. most of it was just average, though, if not below average. it was just some moments that really hit it.

Blacklist on NBC seems like a silence of the lambs copy, and well, it is obviously just that, but theres James Spader! i love him! i might have to watch this.

as someone with a 'bitchy resting face', i can sign this!

i read Palestinian Mohamad Assaf won the Arab Idol yesterday. great news. i googled a youtube video of Assaf performing, and as expected it didnt hit a note with me - at all. reminds me of the turkish music the bars here play, and im unfortunately not warming up to it. anyway, cheers.

my fav noodles which i imported from finland. made in...  far away.

when i came home from finland a soft packet was waiting for me. 2 shirts from my step sister, Julia, that she painted herself.she knows i like mermaids, so.

fresh veggies sold near our home. looked very nice in the setting sun.

i just ordered a kumpir (filled baked potato) and a coke zero. for late lunch. my dentist aunt has warned me against such acidic drinks, im not even a big fan of coke, but sometimes...  i usually drink a sprite like soda at home, and measured the pH, it was around 4-5. my aunt said anything below 5,7 is bad for teeth. oh well, too bad. i find the options really slim here. i do drink some plain water and mineral water, but juices and teas for example are not an option on daily basis. i hate tea. and soda is one of the things i really enjoy. i wont give it up.

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