June 23, 2013

the finnish sausage

i cooked some finnish style food, at least i think thats what it was. finnish sausage, finnish rye bread and some sort of ham on it, boiled potatoe and veggies. it was tasty for me and doctor claimed to like it too. 

lahmacun ("turkish pizza")  place. i picked up take away lahmacun the other day - 3tl/1.2e.

now that the protests have moved to parks all around, i went to the yogurtcu park in kadik√∂y with a friend.  there were, according to my estimation, 1000+ people. some were holding speeches. and people had hand signs to communicate yes, no & speed up - in order to not bother the people living in the buildings around the park. but occasionally they would break out in cheers anyway, when someone really hit the note.

lots of families and kids were around. playing and making finger paintings and stuff.

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