June 03, 2013

it just goes on and on

its very confusing times here. facebook feed runs fast with comments, links and updates - but one cannot trust every rumor going around, either. either way, the resistance continues, and im glad i see the foreign media writing about it here and there.  some protesters are getting frustrated as the police violence continues and also provoke further attacks. Erdogans obnoxious comments dont help, and the annoyance which spurs from the turkish media looking the other way.

this full page ad project on NYT or WP seems interesting, but sure, its just an ad. turkey has the 2nd biggest army in nato and US also needs turkey, so theres that.

tomorrow i plan on to go to taksim again (today, after a long night of following up on social media, i slept until 4pm).

now, how about i relax and watch an episode of Hell's Kitchen. 

                                                 (image not taken by me)

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