June 04, 2013

tuesday, update

went to taksim today, to meet u with Hanna & Carina and to see whats up - i heard last night was pretty rough near this neighborhood... my friend living on the street where the worst clashes took place, couldnt go to her bedroom as somehow the tear gas made its way there.

doctor prescribed some burn creams and other meds (so i could get them cheaper) which i picked up from the pharmacy, and along with the fruits and lemon (lemon= good for teargassed eyes) i dropped them off at this first aid/food station at the squoare. its set up in front of the now infamous Starbucks cafe, which was one of the few places that did NOT let protesters in for help/shelter when they needed it on friday, 31st. i think it was the mistake of one or few managers or employees, but since then many Starbucks venues have been vandalized and they had to close. i think thats mindless...and useless. and in many Starbucks venues protestors were helped! i wish ppl would focus on the demonstrations and what can be really done, rather than attacking a whole chain due to poor judgment in one store.

the streets leading to Taksim square are blocked, its pretty impressive looking actually. and its quite nice without any cars there!

on Istiklal street

at the square - i quite like the flags hanging from Ataturk cultural center

at Gezi park then...  WHAT is going on there now, as the tear gas clouds have solved momentarily...? its paked with people...   and some were doing yoga.

but mostly people were just chilling.

all kinds of masks were sold everywhere, here we have diving goggles being sold by the metro entrance (which is at the square, the metro is running again, woohoo!)

i need to go to a pedicure. and haircut.

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