June 28, 2013

so, what to wear?

theres a good article on plastic surgery in Eat the cake blog. an excerpt:

"It’s ironic – in a culture that gossips endlessly about the way women look, and rags ceaselessly on the public women who don’t look “good enough,” and seems confused about what the hell to do with all of the eating disorders that just keep cropping up among middle-schoolers, we are still awfully critical of the people who seem to be paying enough attention to believe that their appearances are really important."

in looking for alternatives for google reader, i decided to test these 2; the old reader  &  netvibes. they came out on top in online articles comparing the options. i put a lot of weight on what Lifehacker suggests, they are the bestest. i decidedly looked for something that LOOKS like google reader and functions like it, too. 

i should see these films:
See Girl Run
Kiss of the Damned

i bought these face creams from finland, my skin felt so dry and tight while there it was easy to justify several purchases. my plan was just for one, as i almost finished one of my creams last winter. but mainly because doctor had dry skin and started using it as well. anyway, the satisfaction from shopping doesnt last very long after the act itself, so now i have to use one of the lotions although my skin doesnt feel like it needs anything - just to take everything out of the 'shopping satisfation', as long as i can, it would be a shame to waste the emotion.

wow now im nervous, i sent this open job application to this IT company on Tuesday, they are international but with an office in Turkey. and they responded right away and were interested. so now i have a job interview tomorrow.  i dont know what to wear for the interview.

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