July 01, 2013

following the Amazing Race again

during the winter ive forgotten our favorite summer quarrel. the air conditioner. when to turn it on and at what temperature. doctor is not comfortable in hot temperatures and would like to see the AC at 24C. for me that pretty soon starts chilling my toes...  i want 26C, at least. tough. we now made bed in the living room, temporarily, so we can sleep with the AC through a few hot nights. Thailand will be a joyride i think, haha. especially for doctor.

A101 - a pretty poor looking grocery store. but cheap. so when i need something that they have (not often, obviously the selection is not very wide), i go there. today i went and picked up some apple soda and saw that some of the bread in the bread shelf (vacuum packed) was moldy. 

Seyhan Cafe, by the harbor in Kadiköy. and the view from the cafe.

ArkaOda bar/cafe. one of my favs. i was there with Jodie and Jenney the other day. the turtle eating the salad...he's a regular.

on friday, i had a coffee near the company where i had the job interview. the bridge in the background was a nice sight.

our vacuum cleaner has had some hiccups lately and Alina had one to give, for the price of company at their terrace over some wine. so me and doctor headed to Taksim yesterday, picked up noodles for lunch and went to enjoy the view at Alina's place. i could take a million pictures of that view and they wouldnt really transfer the amazingness of it so i skipped. but on our way home we passed this pretty cool looking construction site. its kind of scary looking, the big hole right next to the buildings. Taksim square was filling with cops too, there was a demonstration coming up so they were lining up. luckily we managed to pass in peace.

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