July 06, 2013

its geeky

not much to report. the temperatures are stable and so are the protests. latter now focused in parks but almost out of sight and mind already, unfortunately.

//and only a few hours later, i may report that people (or terrorists, as the PM would call them) headed to Taksim square again where police attacked them with water cannons and tear gas. its a deja vu?? several journalists are reported to have been beaten up by the police as well. social media is keeping everyone up to date...  i feel bad for my friends living in the streets that are being gassed now, but at least i get up to date info!!

i also just found out why people headed to Taksim to protest. AKP had announced that Gezi park would be opened on Tuesday as Ramadan begins, and the first iftar (dinner that breaks the fasting) would be held there. its never been held at that park so its a fairly political move. and while the protests have brought together all kinds of people, including devoted muslims, the PM has worked hard in pinning them against the less pious people. i can see how this move fits the plan :(

tomorrow there is a "capulcu free market" (free looters market) at Kadiköy park, you can bring stuff, take stuff...  very hippie, as the mood has been lately, but i figure the atmosphere must be nice and i actually do have some items to get rid of so i will head there with Carilyn. 

i have been more interested in detective series lately. i was watching Elementary in the winter, ive seen all of CSI, Motive, The Closer...and so on. first season of The Fall was great- next in line are The Bridge/Bron and Silent Witness.

i came across some geeky jokes on the internets today. and i did literally LOL at times.

Pavlov is enjoying a pint in the pub. The phone rings. He jumps up and shouts: “Hell, I forgot to feed the dog!”

A programmer’s wife tells him: “Run to the store and pick up a loaf of bread. If they have eggs, get a dozen.” The programmer comes home with 12 loaves of bread.

kitty & food in front of Garanti bank. the kitty is fed by the bank or surrounding shops, i dont know, but she is always there, with some snacks nearby.

cig köfte shop. tasty & spicy rolls. this is a place near out home. cig köfte makes a good snack.

an inventive cat feeding system, a water bottle cut open on the side. the rope seems to go up to someones home, and enables them to pull the bottle up and refill it. 

tonights dinner from master chef jenni. minced meat with onion, tomato and cream. aaaand potato + boiled veggies mashed. and plenty of spices, yet not spicy! healthy, imho. 

my favorite kiok. always get my red bull from this place.

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