August 29, 2013

ongoing project

doctors shift list for september is out. one full day off. back to normal, 240h + overtime... lets round it to 260h. we can make it work, though...somehow. not a lot of options anyhow.

seeing Cansu tonight for coffee or whatever. she has a new job and i havent met her since she started. 

got new shoes from eBay. girly heels, kind of classic but with a modern twist (seam in front and back). real leather, by Ravel. very comfy....  (somebody needs a manicure...)

i had a round mirror in this ring but it fell off a long time ago. now i decided to replace it with a brand new 1 baht coin. when the light hits it, it really just looks like a mirror but i tried to capture the actual coin here. 

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