August 27, 2013

gettin busy

Renay, the girl i met to discuss possible work last week, was hit by a car a couple days ago. hit, and dragged underneath. thats not nice :( just a reminder that u should be careful in istanbul traffic, like, really careful.

a street a stone throw away from our home. nicknamed "antique street" because there are several shops selling...antique. besides those, its been full of "tea houses", places where men sit on the miniature chairs by miniature table s and sip tea. however now there are also a few cafes and bars :) aware of the new mosque-distance-from-alcohol-100m-law there won't be any new ones i guess... there is a mosque really close. there are mosques everywhere, in fact the number of mosques i think increased by around 10% in turkey during AKP's time in power.

James Deen's homepage is now blocked from turkey, lol.well, when i finally got there, it has changed to ... i dunno...kind! pay! monthly subscription" hot XXX girls! -type of bullshit :(

oh i found Australian tv show The Mole is continuing! yay!

my lunch pide a few days ago. Pide Sun makes the best pide's in Kadiköy for sure. i usually call and order (they are not on - boo) but this time i was walking past so i conveniently made an order there and then and walked home to wait for the delivery :)

i have a beef with these sign-to-change-the-world org's such as there are several of these, and i cant differentiate between the many sites. but they all provide a platform for signing petitions. thats nice. i wonder how often they actually changed the world or anything at all? i would like to see some results, maybe its possible. but the pessimistic me thinks most likely it rarely happens. what DOES happen, is that the "organization" will start to spam you with emails in order for you to sign more petitions. suddenly your expected to be the fuckin good samaritan, signing all kinds of bloody nice causes. thats what rich white people do to make themselves feel better - sign petitions. im not any better though, just commenting.

i hung out with Melisa on sunday. we fixed all the world problems - or the most important ones - over a meze dinner and coffee.

this week i have quite a bit of work - thats a welcome change :) all kinds of random stuff suddenly, english classes with this cool Iranian lady, some website translation, some planning for a social media marketing project, some translation reviews, website testing (prolly my favorite)...   :) i feel much more active and happy.

last night i ended my dry spell as Carilyn came over to Kadiköy and we went out for a few glasses of wine. she will make potato salad for out get together on Friday :)

i bought my veggies from here yesterday. there is an old man in this spot, probably every  day. really fresh produce.

 then i picked up steak from this guy. cooking steaks a lot these days. learning to.

Galatasay lisesi (Galatasaray high school) gates  on Istiklal street. established in 1481...  

having a light salad lunch on the ferry (realized too late there was warm food available as well). 

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