August 23, 2013

im being taken care of

the ladies in my nail salon always seem more exited about picking the nail polish than me. they have the assistant paint her nails with different colors in order to help me choose. i usually go for some shade of pink anyway, from pale pink to neon...but im not really into greens and glitters... 

I just found a jar of olives in our fridge...?! how long has it been there and how did it get there? it was a big jar too, wasting way too much space. doctor eats olives but buys a small bag of fresh ones from the market usually. I need to make a plan to rid of it...  if I organized a small party and put crackers and olives on the table, they would probably disappear...? while at the fridge, I also found that doctor had boxed and stored our dinner leftovers before going to bed, something I had forgotten completely. he is sweet... not to mention he carried home so many bottles of soda when coming from work, I would have all day for that but I can only carry 2-3 at a time :/ aaaand he always supports me.

i hunted for a water spray bottle today. the 2 shops i visited didnt have a nice one, but the other was wiling to sell their own (lol), as it was presented to me and exactly what i needed. day saved. i saw a tip on the internet about putting cooking oil in a spray bottle to get it evenly on a pan or on the food, like a salad. perfect idea. also probably uses less oil altogether, not sure.

theres a new tattoo reality show, Tattoo Titans. but it comes of as a cheap version of Ink Master. rushed and a bit stupid, surprisingly unprofessional for a reality, like it looks small budget...  and for whatever reason, most of the tattoos are bad...

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