August 16, 2013

need for caution

omg i have to see this bear movie (its Disney, but whatever, bears!) just the trailer almost makes me cry.

Europa Report was an exceptionally bad movie. just flickering images and too much shakiness to even be a documentary which the style is mimicking (no storyline, more storytelling, interviews...) ... yeah. i didnt expect or hope for a hollywood story and enjoyed some realistic aspects of the film but it was just often hard to follow, felt almost like seconds were missing here and there, i didnt get anything out of the characters...  blah.

'our' pharmacist (opposite to our house) asked me today if im pregnant. after i asked to buy paracetamol. i was too surprised to ask wtf, but i am guessing paracetamol is known to be safe for pregnant women. also, its not many months ago that i stopped ordering my contraceptives from her - in turkey that should be a sure sign of preparing pregnancy. so, fair enough. still, amusing.

and now i ended up watching some crappy american tv-docu on women who didn't know they were pregnant. scares me s**tless. whenever i read about these kind of cases in the news i shake my head, i just cant believe it. this tv show finally showed me who are these women, and they are not all confused white trash! some middle class women, someone with 3 normal pregnancies prior to the surprise, someone on hormones, someone who'd done 2 pregnancy tests, someone losing weight while pregnant and so on...  and importantly; photos. so i can now say: she really did NOT look pregnant. scary...  i think i need a plan. seriously. okay so from now on....

-ill start keeping proper track of my period
-ill do a pregnancy test every month or 2 months no matter what
-ill feel about my abdomen every now and then

and keeping track of general health goes without saying.

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