August 15, 2013

back on heels

today i got a crazy urge to go look at shoes on eBay. ts been a while since i did that. i was on a  shopping ban before the trip to Thailand and now all the frustration is pouring out i guess..  yesterday when i was out in Ortaköy with Anna i already bought shoes. kind of beach wedge sandals. im surprised i didnt take a photo. i think its cos i felt so guilty over the purchase?

today we got a new shoe rack for the entry hall. i guess it needs painting black... 

yesterday in Ortaköy. we had soda and watched the pigeons. and the tankers passing on Bosporus. among other things...

today i went around shoppng with Anna, basically showing her my fav Kadiköy shops. in one of them we found Seppälä items...  lol. I am used to seeing Atmosphere, KappAhl, Vero Moda, Zara etc....  but this was a first :) a cardigan for 14tl/5e.

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